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1 Meter Talon Igniters

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Build a better fireworks show with Talon Igniters. Setup is super easy! Just clip the end directly onto the fuse as you would a clothes pin. Compatible with most firing systems.

Installation Tips:
• Do not remove the rubber band. When installing the clip onto the fuse, do not move the clip up, down, or side-to-side on the fuse. Movement after installation can cause damage to the heating element.

• Carefully Install the clip onto the fuse (as if it were a clothes pin going onto a line). The heating element will wrap around and hug the fuse.

• Once installed, tape the clip in place to secure it from movement. This helps protect the element from being damaged prior to operation of the device.

• It is recommended to only connect one safety igniter per cue on the firing system. This allows operator to verify continuity and assures maximum firing current is applied to the device.

• Always use parallel wiring when connecting more than one safety igniter per cue. Never connect safety igniters in series. Test your system to confirm their is enough voltage / amperage when connecting more than one safety igniter per cue. Length of wire will also be a determining factor as to how many safety igniters can be connected in parallel on a single cue.

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